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about Project Wonderful

So hey, online advertising is
kinda terrible.

We'll be the first to admit it.

Ads abuse the trust readers put in the sites they visit, neither publishers nor advertisers have control over which ads show up where, click fraud is ripping everyone off, networks don't tell you what their take is, customer service is non-existent, and nobody is sure if they're getting a good deal.

Project Wonderful changes all that.

We sat down and asked ourselves "how can we make advertising as awesome as possible?" and came up with Project Wonderful.

Project Wonderful does a lot of things differently. We've given advertisers full control over their ads, while also giving publishers the freedom to choose what ads appear on their sites. We've made click fraud impossible. We'll actually write you back with a real answer when you write in. And we'll even let you advertise for free.

Find out more.

The way we do advertising is different from what you might be familiar with, because rather than buying clicks, you buy time on a site. Our auction puts your ad on any (or all!) of our publisher's sites, for as long or as short as you want, for a price that's guaranteed to be the lowest possible. We call it the Infinite Auction.

To find out more, read on to How the Infinite Auction works.

About Project Wonderful:

How the Infinite Auction works:

Advertisers get the best deal.

Publishers make the most money.

See an Infinite Auction in action!

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