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Project Wonderful Policies

Advertising Policies

The Project Wonderful Advertising Policies set out below may apply to advertising and the content of your website or third party content linked to via your advertising. Project Wonderful will apply such policies in its sole discretion.

The following list is not exhaustive and Project Wonderful may reject any advertising content that it deems problematic in its sole discretion.

In addition, and without limiting the following list, all advertising must comply with applicable law, including without limitation the Competition Act (Canada) and the Consumer Protection Act (Ontario).

All advertising provided through Project Wonderful must meet the following requirements:
  • Advertising of anything illegal under applicable law is prohibited.
  • Advertising shall not contain any pornographic, vulgar, obscene or adult-related content, or advertise any pornographic, vulgar, obscene or adult-related product or service.
  • Advertisers shall not engage in any illegal or fraudulent business practice.
  • Advertising shall not contain any content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, violent, harassing, torturous or hateful towards any organization, person, or group of people.
  • Advertising shall not be defamatory or libelous of any organization, person, or group of people.
  • Advertising shall not be false, misleading, or deceptive.
  • Advertising is not permitted for websites selling counterfeit goods.
  • Advertising that promotes child pornography or any sexually suggestive content involving children, or is otherwise harmful to minors in any way, is not permitted.
  • Advertising shall not impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent any affiliation with a person or entity.
  • Advertising shall not infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, publicity, privacy, contractual, or other right of any party.
  • Advertising that solicits information for the purposes of "junk mail," "spam," or "chain letters" is not permitted.
  • Advertising shall not promote or resemble pyramid schemes, "matrix" schemes, Ponzi schemes, "reverse funnel" schemes or any other such non-sustainable business models which involve the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, regardless of whether or not a product is sold.
  • Advertising shall not promote any system or plan to earn money that requires an initial investment in order to explore the system or plan in more detail.
  • Advertising shall not promote any system or plan for weight loss, or other beauty-related products or systems.
  • Advertising shall not promote cigarettes, tobacco, vaping, e-cigarettes, or adjacent products.
  • Ads cannot use "trick to click" techniques and must not resemble Windows, Mac, Unix or other dialogue boxes or error messages.
The following policies also apply to ads with active content:
  • Specific tracking of user interactions that don't involve clicks is not allowed, including view-through tracking, key-modifier tracking, and mouse-location tracking.
  • If an ad contains audio, it must be user-initiated and cannot play automatically.
  • Ads must not activate on rollover.
  • Ads may not install software or otherwise alter system settings.
  • Any other ad or ad behavior considered disruptive, at Project Wonderful's sole discretion, is forbidden.
Last update: November 29th, 2011.

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