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Project Wonderful Policies

Rules of Conduct

General Information and Limitations

Project Wonderful Advertising Corporation ("Project Wonderful") provides the advertising auction service to facilitate exchanges among its users. Project Wonderful provides its service as a platform for our users to connect with one another. Project Wonderful does not screen or control users who may sell or bid on advertising space, nor does Project Wonderful review or authenticate all auction listings or advertising space. Advertising space offered for auction through Project Wonderful is being sold by the particular Publisher, not by Project Wonderful. Advertising being placed on Publisher websites is being provided by the particular Advertiser, not by Project Wonderful. Sellers (i.e. Publishers) and buyers (i.e. Advertisers) are responsible for all aspects of the transactions in which they participate. The Project Wonderful Rules of Conduct may be modified at any time with or without notice by Project Wonderful. You should check this webpage on a regular basis for any updates or changes. Further, all activities of Publishers and Advertisers are governed by Project Wonderful's Advertiser Terms of Service and Publisher Terms of Service, as applicable.

General Rules of Conduct

The following are Rules of Conduct that all Project Wonderful members (i.e. Publishers and Advertisers) ("Members") must follow in their use of Project Wonderful's services. Members of Project Wonderful:
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Shall not misrepresent their identity or authority.
  • Must at all times provide valid, accurate and complete contact information, including without limitation a valid email address and PayPal account information.
  • Shall not publish personal or contact information of another Member on the Website without the prior written consent of such Member.
  • Shall not in any way interfere with the Project Wonderful website or service.
  • Shall not use the Project Wonderful advertising platform to send spam or threats to other Members.
  • Shall not use profanity on the Project Wonderful website.
  • Shall not infringe on or violate any Project Wonderful intellectual property right.
  • Shall not use the Project Wonderful service for any illegal or fraudulent activity or purpose.
  • Shall not disrupt other auctions in progress or the Project Wonderful service; for example, Members shall not contact bidders in an auction being run by a Publisher for a Property and offer the same or similar Property to that of such Publisher at prices below the current bid.
  • Shall not continue to use the Project Wonderful service if the Member's account is suspended or terminated.
  • Shall not use the Project Wonderful network to make offers to serve advertising or rent advertising space outside of the Project Wonderful network.
  • Must follow any additional rules posted by Project Wonderful from time to time on the Website.
  • Acknowledge that there are no refunds on winning bids for advertising space.
  • Must research and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules or guidelines that may pertain to transactions in which they participate through Project Wonderful.
  • Are responsible for all applicable taxes incurred by participating in Project Wonderful.
Publisher Rules of Conduct

The following are Rules of Conduct for Publishers on the Project Wonderful network. Publishers on Project Wonderful:
  • Shall not offer any Property or advertising space on Project Wonderful which is not in Publisher's possession, which the Publisher does not have the right to rent advertising space on, or which does not exist at the time of the auction.
  • Shall not engage in "keyword spamming"; i.e. including brand names or other inappropriate keywords in a title or description of the Publisher's website or advertising space.
  • Must accurately describe their Properties and advertising space and shall not have misleading titles that do not accurately describe their Properties or advertising space.
  • Shall not include any language in the Property listings, which may confuse potential Advertisers or cause the Property listings to be included in search results that may be misleading. For example, a Publisher shall not describe a Property by stating what it is not, as this may skew the Property listing or search results for Advertisers.
  • Must list every Property using tags that are accurate and descriptive of the Property and not inappropriate to the Property in question.
  • Shall not post any content that invites users to contact the Publisher to conduct advertising transactions outside of the Project Wonderful network or advertise in a posting on the Website.
  • Shall not solicit Advertisers to mail cash or use a payment method that is not approved by Project Wonderful.
  • Shall not use profanity in their profile description or any listing of advertising space.
  • Must honor the winning bid and make their advertising space available (subject to manual approval or future cancellation).
  • Shall not engage in "shell bidding"; i.e. Publishers must not bid on their Properties, or have relatives, friends, employees, partners or agents, bid on their advertising space.
  • Must specify the minimum bid they are willing to accept. Note that the system defaults to $0/day.
  • Shall not provide content on their Properties that is obscene, offensive, pornographic or adult-related, harmful to minors, invasive of any person's privacy, or otherwise inappropriate.
Advertiser Rules of Conduct

The following are Rules of Conduct for Advertisers on the Project Wonderful network. Advertisers on Project Wonderful:
  • Shall not commit to renting advertising space on a Property without paying for such space.
  • Shall not bid on advertising space with no serious intention of buying such advertising space on the Property.
  • Must complete, and pay for, any auction in which they are the winning bidder.
  • Shall not misuse the bid retraction option to manipulate the bidding process.
  • Shall not bid on advertising space with Advertising with the intention of disrupting a Property's listing.
  • Shall not submit, upload or post any content, advertisement or links that the Advertiser does not have a right to provide or that describe goods or services that the Advertiser is not advertising through the Project Wonderful network.
  • Shall not engage in "shill bidding"; i.e. bidding to artificially increase the price or apparent desirability of any advertising space. Bidders on an advertising space must be wholly independent from the relevant Publisher.
  • Shall not engage in "bid shielding"; i.e. bidding where Advertisers submit very high bids to discourage other bidders from competing for the same advertising space, then retract their bids so that people they know can get the advertising space at a lower price.
  • Shall not submit or upload Advertising with content that is obscene, offensive, pornographic or adult-related, harmful to minors, invasive of any person's privacy, or otherwise inappropriate.
Breach of Rules of Conduct

Project Wonderful, in its sole discretion, may terminate any auction or a Member's account immediately and without notice if Project Wonderful believes that the Member has: (a) acted inconsistently with the spirit or the letter of the Project Wonderful Rules of Conduct or Terms of Service; or (b) violated or attempted to violate the rights of others. If a Member's auction or account is terminated, any funds credited to the Member's account may also be revoked by Project Wonderful in its discretion.

Reporting Improper Conduct

Please help us keep Project Wonderful an enjoyable and positive experience. If you see a listing that violates our Rules of Conduct, please let us know by contacting us at service@projectwonderful.com.

Last update: July 1st, 2010.

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