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Project Wonderful Policies

Ratings Guidelines

Every site has different readers and different ideas of what material is appropriate. These guidelines provide common ground for advertisers to rate their ads and publishers describe their sites and understand what rating thresholds match their needs.

If the ad image and site advertised would fall into different categories, the more restrictive rating must be used. Similarly, since there will always be content that falls between categories, we encourage you to choose the more restrictive rating whenever you're in doubt.

C (Safe for children)
Content rated C should be appropriate for use by all ages, including very young children. Examples include:
  • Children's clothing
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Entertainment (books, comics, games, etc.) with family-friendly themes - no swearing, violence, or mature situations
  • Blogs about children's activities
  • Recipes
  • Childhood education pages
  • Daycare
SFW (Safe for work)
Content rated SFW should be suitable for older children and adults in most situations. Examples include:
  • Business software
  • Entertainment (books, comics, games, etc.) with little to no swearing, non-graphic violence, or discussion of more mature subject matter
  • Politics
  • Hobby forums
NSFW (Not safe for work)
We've traditionally described this as "nothing you'd want your boss or grandmother to see". This is content that would be unwelcome in conservative workplaces or might make people uncomfortable, and includes swearing, sexually suggestive material, and graphic violence. Examples include:
  • Any ad image using profanity, regardless of site content
  • Any ad image using sexual innuendo or suggestive imagery, regardless of site content
  • General dating sites (note that sexually-focused dating sites are not permitted)
  • Entertainment (books, comics, games, etc.) with harsh language, sexually suggestive content or themes, or graphic violence
  • Art portfolios including non-sexual nudity
  • Educational or therapy sites discussing sex or violence
Fictional pornography and erotica, and other sex-centric topics. Examples include:
  • Any ad image depicting nudity, regardless of site content
  • Adult toys
  • Entertainment (books, comics, games, etc.) with non-live (animated, illustrated, or written) nudity or sexually explicit situations
  • Reviews of adult entertainment products
  • Fetish sites, even if not involving nudity
  • Adult entertainment industry news
Not permitted
Not all content is allowed on Project Wonderful. In addition to our own restrictions, any restrictions from our payment processors have to be included as well, so to a certain extent our hands are tied. The following are examples of content not permitted under any rating. Examples include:
  • Sexually explicit videos or photos of real people, celebrity or otherwise
  • Sex services, adult dating sites, or BDSM-centric material
  • Illegal sexual situations, real or fictional, such as those involving minors, rape, murder, or bestiality
  • Drugs (including prescription drugs), tobacco (including e-cigarettes), alcohol
  • Make money sites, multi-level marketing programs
  • Gambling
  • Firearms

Last update: November 23rd, 2012.

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