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Publishers make the most money.

Earning couldn't be easier.
Instead of setting a fixed price for advertising, we let advertisers name the price they want to pay. Whoever is willing to pay the most gets their ad shown, and the bids of those who aren't currently winning the auction push up the price for the person who is! It's profitable, fair, and allows prices to respond quickly to changes in your site. Here's how it works:

Step 1.
You create a personalized advertising area for your site. You set the terms of the auction. We'll take a look at your site to make sure you qualify, and then it's on to step 2.

Step 2.
Advertisers (including your own readers!) bid on your advertising space, competing for the best deal. As soon as someone is the high bidder, their ad is shown. Anyone can become the high bidder at any time, and you can cancel any bid you don't like.

Step 3.

...It really is as simple as that. As you're selling time and not clicks, you're earning money every second that an ad is active on your site.

And with no click fraud, your advertisers can trust that they won't be ripped off. More value for their advertising dollar means more customer satisfaction, and more profits for you.

More innovations that make advertising easier and more profitable for you:
We don't hold your earnings hostage! You can request a pay out as soon as you've earned at least $10. To compare, Google AdSense only pays you when you've earned $100, and if you never earn that much, they keep the money. Plus, we won't take your earnings away at the last minute.
Complete transparency: We give you complete bidding, historical, and financial reports, and are upfront in taking an industry-minimum commission of 30% from each sale. The rest goes directly to you! The only catch: our commission is slightly higher for Canadian publishers, as we must collect the HST.
Self-promotion couldn't be easier: You can use the funds you've earned from ads on your site to advertise your own site at any time. It's easy to set up a campaign to promote your projects -- even while profiting from the ads on those very same sites! And you can set up a custom graphics (linking anywhere you want) that's displayed when nobody's bid on your site yet: it's a great way to promote your own projects when bidding is low.
Non-exclusivity: Our ads play nice with others. Feel free to run our ads beside ads from any other ad network.
Wicked sweet customer service. We're here to help. We're never more than an email away, and you always get a real answer to your question.

About Project Wonderful:

How the Infinite Auction works:

Advertisers get the best deal.

Publishers make the most money.

See an Infinite Auction in action!

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