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Here are some of the things our own members have said
about their experience with Project Wonderful.


Member 351
T Campbell
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Project Wonderful's results gave Gisele Lagace and me the courage to go independent with our projects. They continue to outperform Google Ads and any of the advertising networks we've tried.

T and Gisele are the writer and artist, respectively, of the webcomic Penny and Aggie. He sells these skyscraper ads and these leaderboard ads, among others.

The PC Weenies
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Project Wonderful rocks!

It's painless to implement, and has simplified the process of selling ads on my website. Customer support has been stellar- with quick and friendly responses each time I've contacted PW for questions and support.

Krishna the creator of the webcomic PC Weenies comic series.

Sarah Ellerton
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Project Wonderful has been, in a word, awesome. I'd previously been using Google Adwords - and while they had been successful for the first two months, eventually revenue dropped as the displayed ads became less and less relevant or had been seen far too many times before to ignite any viewer interest.

Seeing the success many other webcomics had been having with Project Wonderful, I decided to give it a go. If it could generate at least as much revenue as the Google ads did, I would keep it there. I was amazed. Project Wonderful is netting me between 10 to 20 times as much income as the Google ads were. My readers with their own webcomics could support me, and I could encourage users to click on the ads (which I was not allowed to do with Google).

I can only hope Project Wonderful continues to expand and grow, and that it continues to bring in the revenue that allows me to keep my bandwidth-hungry website alive. Thanks!

Sarah is the author of the webcomic Seraph Inn. She sells these leaderboard ads and these button ads, among others.

Billy Anderson
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I want you to know that at first I was skeptical about your service, but since I have learned more I am now very impressed with your service. I have never found a better idea of advertising than ProjectWonderful.com. I am both a publisher and advertiser here and I have found serenity in both places. Thank you so much for everything!

Billy is the founder of Games Fun Online.


Member 3039
Josh Farkas
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I needed targeted advertising to the discerning web-comic audience, and I needed it flexible to meet my changing budget.

Thank God I found Project Wonderful.

They provided the perfect audience and allowed me to set my own price. And unlike other ad services where you pay for each click, the pay per day system allows me to know exactly how much I'm investing into my comic. Add to this a list of the hottest names in comics to advertise on, and you have one compelling package.

So, two months in - how'd I do? My non-existance in Google is now the first link. My low credibility? Google now has WelcometoPixelton.com rated as a "4" which is pretty snazzy coming off of nothing. And my traffic...

Well my I've had over 35,000 page views. When you consider I don't have that many pages it is humbling. And all of this is due to my minor investment into Project Wonderful.

But the catcher is that to have the same results in Google ads I would need to pay for each and every hit. With Project Wonderful I see organic returning traffic which always exceeds my expectations.

Once again, thanks for the great service. I'm addicted. :)

Josh is the author of the webcomic Welcome to Pixelton.

Jessica McLeod
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I am having such a great experience with Project Wonderful: I think I have about doubled my readership in a week or so!

Jessica is the woman behind Jessica McLeod's Comics.

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Publishing
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Anything to finagle some promotion of Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine--that's why I'm with Project Wonderful.

And as an advertiser, I love the bidding process, and being able to look at the statistics of the sites I can consider bidding on. I love being able to look at the sites themselves and decide for myself how much of a fit their users and my ad might be for each other. And being able to pour money earned straight into more ads bought is wonderful convenience.

I wish more people used your service, and I recommend you to everyone that asks (and the occasional person who didn't).

Kaolin is a founding editor of Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine He sells these banner ads and these square ads.

Kira Botkin
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Project Wonderful is my secret weapon of online advertising.. It really is the reason that my business is doing so much better than my competitors!

It is simple for me to get great results at low prices on hundreds of websites I would otherwise never have stumbled across. I have used AdBrite, Google AdWords, Ask.com sponsored listings, BlogAds, and have not gotten the same kind of sites or the same prices.

I also like the variety of ad box sizes, so that I don't have to pay a lot if I want to be able to maintain the ad on one site for a long period of time. Plus, the websites that use Project Wonderful have a high number of repeat visitors, so that my ad gets multiple chances to make an impression and get them to click on it.

Kira is the founder of Cashduck.

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