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What's an ad box rating?

An ad box rating allows you, as a publisher, to rate the content of your page your ad box appears on. Rather than get into fine-grained rating, there are four simple categories on Project Wonderful. Your ad can be rated either:

C: This means your site is safe for children. This is an all-ages rating, and should be used for sites with only content that is safe for all audiences, including children.

SFW: This means your site is safe for work: the content may not be for children, but it is appropriate for a general audience. Most sites should fall into this category.

NSFW: This means your site is not safe for work. It's not adult, but it is you wouldn't want your boss to catch you reading. Or your grandmother.

ADULT: This means your is, you guessed it, adult. Anything stronger than NSFW would fall into this category.

When rating your site, be sure to do it accurately. An inappropriate rating may cause Project Wonderful to delete your ad boxes.

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