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What's a minimum bid?

A minimum bid is a setting a publisher may have on their ad boxes. If a minimum bid is set, no bids from advertisers below it will be accepted.

For example, if an ad box has a minimum bid of $1, then if you, as an advertiser, tried to bid 50 cents, your bid would not be accepted.

Generally, we do not recommend having minimum bids on your ad boxes. The advantage of the infinite auction system is that it allows advertisers to determine a fair price for your advertising. By having a minimum bid, you alter this process, and it is very often the case that publishers set minimum bids that are too high, beyond what the market can support. If you set a too-high minimum bid, you ad box will not receive any bids, and you will not make any money. It's better to make $1 a day on an ad box with no minimum bid, than it is to set a minimum bid of $5 a day and make nothing!

Minimum bids are best used in situations where you, as a publisher, wish to set a minimum fair price. For example, you may see that bidding on your ad box is usually at around $1 a day. You may decide to set a minimum bid of 50 cents a day, just to ensure that you're getting what you feel is fair.

As minimum bids are a fairly major change to an ad box, they can only be altered when there are no bids active on your ad box. In most cases, you must cancel all existing bids on your ad box before setting up a minimum bid. This can be done under "My ad boxes" (assuming you've got an ad box set up, that is!)

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