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How do I advertise?

It's really easy! It's just a matter of setting up your ads, and then choosing which sites you want to advertise on.

Setting up an ad:
To set up your first ad, just visit your "My ads" page, linked to at the top of every page when you're logged in. You'll be brought here:


This page will walk you through the few simple steps needed to get your ad set up.

Choosing a site to advertise on:
Once you've got your ad ready, you just need to find a site to advertise on! Click on "Place a new bid" (again, linked at the top of every page when you're logged in), and you'll be brought here:


On this page you can find all our publishers. It's as easy as entering in a few tags that you're interested in and clicking "Search"! And if you're not sure what kind of sites you want to see, just hit "Search" without entering in any search terms, and you'll be able to browse our publishers.

No matter what you choose, once you press "Search", a list of results will appear. All advertising on Project Wonderful is done through bidding, and you can place a bid on any site of your choosing by clicking on the "More details" icon at the right, which will bring up the history and performance of this site. If this is a site you want your ad to appear on, click on the blue "Place a bid!" button and you're good to go! To learn more about bidding, visit our How do I bid on a site? article.

Other ways to advertise:
Rather than bidding by hand on each site you want, you can create a campaign to bid on these results for you automatically. To learn more about this option, visit the What's a campaign? article.

Other uses of our search engine:
Our publisher search engine lets you find publishers that meet your criteria, but sometimes you'd like to be kept informed without having to search all the time. On any search page you can press the big blue "alert" button at the bottom of the search results to set up an Ad Alert, which is a system in which Project Wonderful will email you with new publishers that meet your search criteria whenever they join us! Just click on the big blue "alert" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

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