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How do I bid on a site?

Bidding on a site is designed to be as simple, yet as powerful, as possible! To bid, you first need to figure out what sites you want to advertise on. Check out the How do I find sites to bid on? article for some tips and instructions.

Once you've decided on a site, you just need to press the "Place bid" button beneath the advertising area you're interested in. You'll be brought to a new page where you can enter in your bid details. There's a few pieces of information needed:

1: Which ad you want displayed:
This is where you choose the ad that will show up on the site when you're the high bidder! Any ad you've created that can fit will be listed here. Just tick off the one you want!

2: Your maximum bid:
This is where you enter in the most you're willing to bid, in cost per day. So for example, if you're willing to pay up to $5 a day for your ad to be displayed in this ad box, enter in 5 here.

Remember that we use proxy bidding, which means that if you enter in $5/day but bidding is such that you can become the high bidder for only $1/day, you'll do so! You'll always be charged the minimum possible to become the high bidder.

3. When your bid begins and ends:
This is the time period your bid is active for. By default all bids begin right away, but you can change that by clicking the yellow link. When you click these yellow links, a calendar will pop up that lets you easily select your begin and end dates and times.

4. An optional expense cap:
This lets you put a ceiling on spending, so you can say "I'm willing to bid $5/day for the next two weeks, but I don't want to spend more than $15 overall. For more information on the uses of expense caps, see the What's a bid? article.

5. The areas your bid is active on:
Finally, we need to know which areas of the ad box you're interested in! You do this easily by checking off the appropriate boxes, which will change colour when selected. Some ad boxes can only hold one ad at a time, while others have room to hold multiple ads at once.

In the case of multiple ad slots, you may want your bid to only be active on a single slot, or on selected slots, or even across every slot. Your ad will always default to the cheapest possible location, so you don't have to worry about micromanaging this aspect. If you're not sure what to choose, we recommend pressing the "select all" button to check off every slot!

And that's it! When you're happy, press the "Place bid" button. You'll be brought to a confirmation page, and if everything looks good, click "Place bid" again and your bid will instantly enter the infinite auction!

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