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Why won't my blog hosted on Wordpress.com activate?

Here we must draw a distinction between sites running WordPress code, and sites hosted on WordPress.com.

WordPress software is fully compatible with our copy-and-paste code, and many of our publishers run WordPress code to manage their content. However, blogs that are hosted for free on WordPress.com (ie: with URLs like yourblog.wordpress.com) are not allowed, by WordPress.com's terms of service, to have any JavaScript included in their blogs. As such, our code is automatically removed when you try to add it to your site.

As any workaround we came up with would go against the WordPress terms of service you accepted when creating your blog, and as this could result in WordPress.com shutting down your blog, we cannot support free blogs hosted on WordPress.com.

However, WordPress does sometimes make exceptions. You can ask the WordPress staff for an exception here:


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