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Why are my ad box's statistics on Project Wonderful different from statistics I've tracked elsewhere?

There's a few reasons why this could happen!

For example, if you're our statistics to those taken from your raw log files, the log files will always show more hits: they can record things like direct image accesses, and so on. Our code only records (and only CAN record) displays of pages on which our code has been added.

Another common problem is that you're comparing stats for all pages to stats that are only on one. Remember that we can't record hits for pages that our ad box code isn't on. This often happens in situations where you're comparing site-wide stats to our stats, but you only have ads on your blog's main page: not on the article pages, archive pages, and so on.

Finally, whenever our ad code is displayed to a bot (such as those used by search engines to index pages), we don't count that, since no human is actually seeing the ad. This could account for some difference as well!

If you're advertiser and you're not sure which set of numbers to trust, you can always just trust nobody but yourself! Check out the Can I collect my own statistics? article for ways in which you can use Project Wonderful to collect your own performance statistics.

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