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What's a bid?

A bid is how you place your ad on a publisher's site. It's a way of saying "I am willing to pay $x a day to have my ad here."

There are a few important parts to every bid:
- the most you're willing to pay, per day, to have your ad on the site. This is the "$x" we were mentioning before.
- which ad should be displayed
- when your bid begins (right away? in three weeks?) and when it ends.

And that's it! With these pieces of information, we can enter your bid into the infinite auction and you can become the high bidder!

Remember that all bidding on Project Wonderful is proxy bidding. This means that when you tell us the most you're willing to pay per day to have your ad displayed, you won't necessarily be charged that full amount! For example, if you bid $5 a day and the next-highest bidder beneath you only bid $1 a day, you won't pay $5 a day to have your ad displayed. You'll only bid enough to outbid that other person: in this case, $1.10. For more information, check out the What's proxy bidding? article.

Finally, you can if you want add an expense limit to your bid. An expense limit is a way of saying "I'm bidding $x a dya, but I don't want to spend more than $y overall". So, for example, you might bid $1 a day for a week, but put an expense limit on the bid of $3. In such a situation, your bid would only last three days, because its expense limit was reached.

Expense limits are especially useful for long-term bids. For example, you might see that the bidding on a site is normally at $1 a day, you might place a bid on the site, lasting a year, at 50 cents. This way, if bidding ever drops, you'll be the high bidder and be getting advertising for half price! And if you set an expense limit of $10, you know that your bid will expire after 20 days of exposure (50 cents a day * 20 days = $10). This way, you don't have to worry about paying for advertising every day for a year: you'll only pay when it's at the price you like, and you've put a cap on expenses!

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