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What are the fees associated with using Project Wonderful?

If you're an advertiser, there are no fees or service charges for using Project Wonderful. Everything is free! Our expenses are covered by charging a 30% commission to publishers on each bid on their adboxes. This is among the lowest commission rate in the industry.

This means that if you're a publisher, we take a 30% commission on each sale. For example, if someone bids $1 a day on your ad box, we take $0.30 and the rest, $0.70, is credited to your account. Note that if you're a Canadian publisher, we are obliged to charge HST, and so our commission raises to cover this tax. The exact amount depends on which province you reside in.

This commission is charged in real-time as the funds are being taken from the advertiser and deposited into your account, so you don't need to worry, as a publisher, about performing these calculations yourself on your Project Wonderful balance. The balance shown in your account is yours in full to spend.

Finally, a $1 charge applied to each withdrawal. For example, if you withdraw $100, $99 will arrive in your PayPal account. There are no other fees associated with using Project Wonderful.

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