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What size should my ad box be?

While prices on your ad boxes are determined by what advertisers are willing to pay, there are a few simple things you can do to make your ad box more attractive.

Economies rely on the system of supply and demand. If supply meets or exceeds demand, then everyone gets to buy what they want and go away happy. This is like having an ad box with 4 slots, and having 4 (or fewer) bidders. Everyone will get their ad displayed, and the going rate on the ad box will be $0.

However, if supply does not meet demand, then people will pay more for getting what they want. If you have an ad box with 2 slots but the same 4 bidders, then those bidders will have to compete to have their ad displayed. This drives prices upwards.

So, if you see your ad box is earning lower prices than what you'd like, one thing you can do is reduce the number of advertising areas on your site. If you've got more than one ad box, try consolidating your ad boxes. And if you've got more than one slot in your ad boxes, try reducing the number of available slots! Conversely, if you'd like to reduce prices, adding more slots is a good way to do that. You can do this under "My ad boxes" (click on "edit"), but remember that you can only alter the dimensions of your ad box while there are no active bids on it.

Increasing the size of the ads displayed, and making sure the placement of the ad box is ideal on your site, also tends to attract higher bids.

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