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Why was I outbid?

Sometimes, when you place a bid, you'll be outbid right away. For example, say the current bid on a site is $1. You bid $1.50 expecting to become the high bidder - but as soon as your bid is entered, you find that you're outbid! The new current bid on the ad box is $1.60. What's going on?

What you've just seen is proxy bidding in action. Proxy bidding allows bidders to say "I am willing to pay up to $5 a day on this ad box, but I'd like it for cheaper if possible!" In our above example, someone was willing to pay up to at least $1.60 on the ad box, but was only paying $1 because nobody else was bidding anything higher - until you came along, that is! Your bid of $1.50 pushed the other bidder's bid up to $1.60, and now the high bidder has to pay more in order to remain the high bidder.

If you'd still like to become the high bidder even at $1.60 a day, you've got two options. One is to edit your bid to raise your own maximum bid higher: if you bid more than the other bidder's maximum bid, your ad will be displayed! The other option is to just leave your bid there. That way, when the higher bid expires you can automatically become the high bidder at the price you like, and proxy bidding will still be used to get you the same "always the best price" performance.

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