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Why was my ad box delisted?

A delisted ad box is one that has been automatically deactivated by our system.

From time to time our system examines the current ad boxes on the network. If an ad box is found to be greatly underperforming, we email the publisher, warning them that their ad box is in danger of being delisted and giving them tips on how to increase the performance of their ad box. If the performance still remains low over the next seven days, the ad box is delisted.

All bidding on a delisted ad box is effectively paused. Such an ad box can be restored by logging in, clicking on "My ad boxes", and following the "activate" link. When you reactivate your ad box, any bids on it that haven't yet expired are also restored.

If you're a publisher with a delisted ad box, we recommend you examine the tips provided in your delisting email before reactiving it! They can prevent your ad box from being deactivated in the future.

At present, ad boxes that receive on average less than 10 unique viewers a day and that also have an average bid level beneath $0.01 a day are subject to delisting. A grace period is of course given to new ad boxes that are still ramping up!

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