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Activating an ad box with Wordpress

If you're using WordPress or ComicPress, you can use the following steps to activate your ad box:

1. In your Project Wonderful account, head to "Publishing -> My ad boxes -> Code" and copy the code that appears there.
2. In your WordPress/ComicPress interface, create a new "text widget".
3. Paste the code you copied here. If there were two blocks of code provided, simply paste the first block and then grab the second block and paste it immediately underneath within the same window.
4. Save it, and now you should be able to position it like any other third-party code/widget!

NOTE: there is a plugin called "Plugin Wonderful" that is designed to help WordPress blogs install our code, but it doesn't work properly (we didn't write it) and we recommend you don't use it. These instructions are all you need!

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