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Can I advertise affiliate promotions?

Affiliate promotions in general are allowed, but they do tend to be the most likely to infringe on our terms of service, due to how many of them are marketed.

We take a strong stance against scam sites and, in an effort to close the loopholes available to those who run them, we don't allow anything that uses similar marketing practices. This restriction applies to a broad range of sites that employ the same techniques as common scam models, which include (but aren't limited to):

* "hard-sell" sales pages
* email sign-up or opt-in pages (squeeze pages; "the only way to find out more is to subscribe")
* extravagant claims
* short timelines ("available for a limited time at this ROCK BOTTOM price")
* interrupting navigation away from the page
* promises of top-secret ins
* "free" giveaways that require people to sign up for deals or agree to ongoing subscription charges
* "make money online" sites

The final four points in the main bullet list on https://www.projectwonderful.com/advertisingpolicies.php are aimed at these sorts of ads.

We're aware that there are legitimate products being marketed with some of these approaches, but since we can't readily distinguish them from scams, we don't allow them to be advertised through us.

Similarly, geographically auto-redirected ads are a problem because we give our publishers an opportunity to pre-screen ads to ensure they meet their individual site's content restrictions. This is an important partof the transparency of our site. Since a publisher may operate their site from any region, they need to be able to see the ad content even if the winning bid will be displayed to a different segment of their visitors.

If you're promoting an automatically geo-redirected deal, that's allowed, but you need to ensure it's set up in a way that has off-region traffic taken to a related page. So, if there's an offer for a game registration, the off-region traffic would point to the same game's homepage. Anything that can't be set up in this way cannot be advertised on Project Wonderful.

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