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Activating an ad box on iWeb

If you're using iWeb, you can use the following steps to activate your ad box.

Your ad box may not activate automatically, because our robots need to be pointed to the exact address where the ad box code appears in the source. The iWeb software gives each widget or code snippet its own separate page, so the ad box code isn't appearing on the main page, but is loaded in something called an iFrame. The filename for the snippet is based roughly on the positioning of that element on the page.

We have a space in the ad box settings where you can put that filename, so that our robots can check that location while advertisers previewing your site still see the entire page as you've laid it out. Just go to "My ad boxes" -> "Edit" -> "Name and location" and put the direct address in the box at the bottom labelled "URL to ad box code".

The good news is that iWeb uses a consistent naming scheme for the widget pages, so you can easily find out the address to add here. The trick to finding iWeb's ad-box hiding place is to follow these steps from there:

0) Start with the page the ad box appears on:

1) Remove the .html from the URL:

2) Add _files/widget#_markup.html to the end, so it looks like this:

3) Start replacing the # in that URL with numbers, starting at 1.

If this is your ad box, you win! Otherwise, change the 1 to 2:

Keep increasing the number like until you find your ad box, then head to the next step.

4) Head to "Publishing -> My ad boxes -> Edit -> Name and location"
The first three fields are Nickname, Site name, and URL. Those can all stay the same. At the bottom, there's an extra field labelled "URL to ad box code" and that's where you're going to paste in the URL you identified in step 3: e.g. http://www.example.com/index_files/widget2_markup.html

And that should activate! You can apply the same process to any ad box you set up.

It's good to know how this works, because the ad box URL might shift if you change the layout to your page, or add additional widgets later. You can check by going to the current address and seeing if it still displays just the ad box, or if something different is appearing in its place.

If you're ever stuck, feel free to e-mail us!

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