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What's "cost per day"?

Unlike most other online advertising sites, who sell advertising in terms of clicks (CPC) or displays (CPM), Project Wonderful serves ads on the basis of time. We call this system "cost per day", or CPD.

In cost per day, all you need to do, as an advertiser, is name how much you're willing to pay, per day, to have your ad on a site. We'll show you what kind of traffic a publisher has gotten in the past, and even what others have been willing to pay, so you'll know you're getting a good deal.

This cost per day is the rate at which you'll be charged. For example, if you bid $24 a day on a site and are the high bidder for a full 24 hours, that will cost you $24. However if you bid $24 a day on a site and you are the high bidder for only an hour before you cancel your bid, you'll be charged only $1.

All bidding on Project Wonderful is in cost per day.

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