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What's an ad box?

An ad box is pretty much what it sounds like: a box in which ads can be placed.

Publishers create and place ad boxes on their sites, which then allows advertisers to bid on these advertising spaces.

There are a few parts to every ad box:
- site information: the name and URL of the site the ad box is appearing on.
- site description: a brief description of the site's content, as well as tags describing the site.
- the size of the ad box: what kind of ads your ad box accepts, and how can fit into it at a time.
- the site rating: this tells advertisers a bit about the content that's displayed on your site.
- the ad rating: this tells advertisers about the kinds of ads you're willing to accept.

Notice the important distinction between these two ratings: the site rating tells advertisers what's on YOUR site, while the ad rating tells advertisers what kinds of ads you're willing to accept. They may not necessarily be the same thing!

There are a ton of different options for each ad box: you can set custom colours, spacing, upload custom "your ad here" images and links, and even set a minimum bid. All of these options are available when you're logged in under "My ad boxes" (assuming you've already created some ad boxes, that is!)

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